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Whatsstatus – a doorway to fandom


Whatsstatus – a doorway to fandom

First impression is the last impression? Nah! No more. In the digital world, the only thing that helps create a lasting impression is a WhatsApp status. The more flashy and abysmal the status is the better. The by default status’ offered by WhatsApp Inc. are dull and common. The new generation needs something they can show off and brag about to the world. WhatsApp statuses have become the weapon of coolness for the kids. But are they creative enough to move their greymatter and jot down an exciting, awesome status all by themselves? Well, some are but those who can’t? Their ijjat the self-respect stops them from copying or borrowing status. So they turn to their trusted comrade – Google baba. But what to search for, the baba knows everything but what to ask for. This is another dilemma which forces the people to rack their brains which many are reluctant to. But now, iss kasht ko jad se mitane, Aa gya hai sarva-shaktiman, multi-useful help –


whatsstatus is a website for all those confused sperms who cannot decide what kind of WhatsApp status they want to put.

The website offers 60 categories of statuses to choose from. One can select any genre and open a ocean of status. Using a status from this innovative website helps strike a wonderful chord in the hearts of your Status Stalkers. Forget WhatsApp status, learn a few status and deliver it as a dialogue and see how people love it. You can become a instant showboat and maybe a nomination for ‘Best Dialogue’!




‘It is impossible for my discretion to change its direction whimsically!’; ‘Trust must be lusty yet robust. Else it is nothing but a fuzz of dust!’ Liked them? Interesting and flashy, right? Those are just a couple of status from Nope, not copied from others but those are straight out of the head of many talented writers just like Athena popped out of Zeus’ head! Yes, written. is not all about borrowing status’. The one with the most creative minds can apply to be a writer in this website. This is one of the best way to utilize the flair and caliber in writing one’s expressive minds. Some of the best minds can be found here. You too can join and contribute your ideas. And the best part ? You get paid too. Well we write for our own interest, but Joker had quoted – whatever you are good at, never do it for free. That’s what it is, this generous website pays the contributor for each status published. But, the status should be genuine and not copied from anywhere from Google baba. Exciting right? Yeah, that’s exactly I also feel.




So folks whatcha waiting for ? Visit WHATSSTATUS  and become a part of one of the fastest growing website and have fun gloating the Stupendo fantabulosly phantasmagorically magical status’. Thank you !




Raman Krishnan

Madrista with a habit of playing guitar, football, sketching, writing and reading novels.

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