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Why some say death is a ‘GOOD NEWS’?


Why some say death is a ‘GOOD NEWS’?

Qandeel Baloch , a Pakistani social media celebrity was killed by her brother in an apparent ‘Honor killing’ in the province of Punjab.


FOUZIA AZEEM also known by the name QANDEEL BALOCH was born in Pakistan. She was a Pakistani model, Actress, Feminist activist and a Social media celebrity.   In 2013 Baloch auditioned for Pakistan Idol and her audition got viral on social media, which made her an Internet Celebrity. She was one of the top 10 most searched people in Pakistan.
Ms Baloch’s fame was based on her Social media posts which included pictures, videos and comments. All these were considered as a Bold act by the Pakistani community.



⦁    Baloch posted a selfie with Mufti Abdul Qaw

In 2016 Baloch met senior Cleric Mufti Abdul Qawi in a hotel room. The interaction bought mayhem on social media as their pictures went online. She also wore a hat with Mufti’s signature. While sharing the pictures, she also mentioned that they were enjoying cigarettes and soft drinks during the daylight hours in the holy months of Ramadan, when Muslims generally practice Fast from Dawn to Dusk. Her act enraged conservative Muslims from around the world. The meeting led to the Muffi being suspended from  one of Pakistan’s religious commttiees .


⦁    Strip Dance for Shahid Afridi

Qandeel became an internet sensation after she started making claims of strip dancing if Pakistan wins the T20 World Cup Match against India. She vowed to dedicate the dance for her favourite captain Shahid Afridi.  A day ahead of the match she shared a teaser video of her strip dance on her Facebook account. But unfortunately, Pakistan lost the match and her dream of shedding clothes for her National team couldn’t be fulfilled.


⦁    Proposed Virat Kohli on Twitter



After her failed attempt to seduce Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi to win the match , Qandeel directed her attention towards Virat Kohli . She made twitter a way to express her feelings for our very popular Indian cricketer and his affair with Anushka Sharma. She also openly confessed  her feelings for him by posting , “Virat baby anoshka Sharma hi Kiyn ?  #qandeelbaloch  #viratkholi — feeling in love.” Anushka and Virat’s relationship had hit the rough patch then.


⦁    Promises to Strip for Amitabh bachhan

Qandeel Baloch never shunned us from making controversial statements in Media. In an interview with a leading daily, she also mentioned that She will strip for the Shahenshah of Bollywood. She was quoted by Times Of India saying,’’ India mein main ek hi bande ka faan hoon – Mr Amitabh Bachhan. Virat Kohli is charming and handsome, but I would strip only for Mr Bachhan.”


⦁    Strip dance for India’s win against Pakistan



Although Qandeel had promised to strip for Shahid Afridi if Pakistan won match against India, she couldn’t fulfill her wish after her nation lost. So she decided to cheer up for India instead and celebrated India’s win by stripping for the team members. She also shared a hot video of her act on social media.


# Qandeel Baloch’s Death

She has been strangled to Death in what police are calling a case of ‘Honour killing’ in the city of Multan in the country’s province of Punjab. Azhar Akram, Multan’s chief police officer told CNN that Baloch was killed by her brother in her family’s home after he had protested at the “ Kind of pictures she had been posting online.” After going on a run, the brother was later arrested and confessed on a video that police showed at a conference.

The killing of women by relatives who feel their family has been dishonored is a widespread problem in the country. The Pakistan Human Rights Commission estimates that more than 3,000 women were killed in “honor” cases between 2008 and 2014. The Aurat Foundation, another rights group, put the figure even higher, claiming that around 1,000 women a year were killed.
Most cases are not reported to the police and do not receive national publicity.
Perpetrators often make use of elements of Islamic law on Pakistan’s statute books to avoid punishment. If relatives of the victim agree to forgive the killers, often in return for a “blood money” payment, then all charges are dropped.
Sharmeen Obaid – Chinoy, a film-maker who won an Oscar this year for a documentary on “honour” killing, said she was frustrated that the government had failed to fulfil a pledge by Pakistan’s prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, to change the law.
“Honour killings are happening every single day in small towns, villages and cities but people are getting off scot-free,” she said. “The only way we will start making a difference is if we start sending people to jail and making examples of them.”
Obaid-Chinoy’s film, A Girl in the River, tells the story of a woman who survived a murder attempt by her family after she married without their consent. Although the film was critically acclaimed, some audiences in Pakistan have cheered the father’s attempt to avenge the supposed shame brought on them by their daughter.
Commenting on Baloch’s killing, Obaid-Chinoy said she was especially shocked by the murder of a self-confident woman who had used her earnings to support her parents. “She stood on her own two feet and was not afraid of speaking her mind,” she said. “Whether or not you agree with her, no one has the right to kill her.”

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