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Visit Delhi’s Little Tibet: Facts about Majnu Ka Tilla


Visit Delhi’s Little Tibet: Facts about Majnu Ka Tilla

Majnu ka Tilla is famous for its Tibetan refugee colony. The area also harbors the famous Majnu ka Tilla Gurudwara, therefore adding spiritual vibes to it. The cool breeze, the Taste of Tibet in the momos made by the Tibetan women, the essence of the prayer bells makes Majnu Ka Tilla one of the most serene and happening places in Delhi. The best way to travel to this destination is by Metro. Take the yellow line metro and get down at Vidhan Sabha Metro station, where you can take an electric rickshaw to this Tibetan colony.  Before getting there, these are the following facts you need to keep in your mind:


1.  Shopping at this Tibetan market

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Majnu Ka Tilla alias the “Mini Tibet ” of Delhi is named so because of its Tibetan refugees. This place is imbued with Tibetan Culture, henceforth it showcases excellent restaurants, stylish boutiques, and shopping stalls. Tees, flip flops, jeans, shoes, accessories start from a minimum range of Rs. 300 and you can find a variety of these here. Being a spiritual destination too, the shops provide holy lockets, amulets, and rings.


2.  Gurudwara at Majnu Ka Tilla

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The Gurudwara at Majnu Ka Tilla stands on a small mount facing river Yamuna. This place has historical importance because Guru Gobind Singh stayed at this place during his visit to Delhi in the ancient times. Almost every member of their family had stayed at this Gurudwara, hence making it a pious place.


3. Best Salons in Town

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If you plan to get a hairdo done this place offers salons which shall provide you the best service. They will surely help you get a rockstar hairstyle and you will be amazed by your own looks! Kalang salon is simply the best with the prices starting from Rs. 99. The reason for such affordable rates, be it at restaurants or at Salons is because of its student clientage. Majnu Ka Tilla is a hub for Delhi University students, therefore making it a more happening place.


4.  Buddhist temple

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Inside Majnu Ka Tilla, you will find two Buddhist temples where you can encounter varied traditions, cultures and this is a different sort of an experience in itself. One can get to know the way in which a Buddhist monk leads his life. Butter lamps, sculptures, etc are available near the temples.


5.  Bike Ride at Majnu Ka Tilla

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Majnu Ka Tilla is all about small lanes and by lanes. It is advisable to take a bike ride around Majnu Ka Tilla. A bike ride early in the morning can be refreshing and you will be excited to see new places near Majnu Ka Tilla. The busy crowded by lanes in the evening are totally different in the morning.



Food joints

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Majnu ka Tilla is known for its scrumptious food. With different taste in cuisines and number of eating joints, Majnu ka Tilla is a food hub. You will be amazed by the delicacies that are served here at Tibetan and Chinese restaurants. The joints offer foods at reasonable prices, which are mostly inclusive of taxes. Some of the best restaurants are listed as under:


1.  Rigo Restaurant

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The momos, thukpas and the double fried pork are some of the special delicacies of this restaurant. This place is best for Tibetan food and the menu is made in a unique way where it is written in Devanagari script. The Indianised Chinese dishes should be tried out too. All in all, this place gives you a feeling of sitting somewhere in the North East of India.


2.  Dolma House

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Dolma House gives you the taste of the Himalayan region. This restaurant is compact but provides the most delicious momos that you have ever eaten. Tourists love this place and it is difficult to find a table here without waiting.


3.  AMA Cafe/restaurant

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AMA cafe/ restaurant is one of the loved restaurants for students and tourists because the taste of the food is homely and the ambiance is serene and quiet.  You get different varieties of breakfast, smoothies, and sandwiches. They serve lovely continental dishes and amazing Gourmet items too. The ‘Tingmo’ is a must try, made with fermented bread and given with spicy dips.


4.  Kori’s

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Kori’s is famous for its Korean food which offers a warm and colorful ambiance. One surely needs to try out Ramen, Bibimbap, etc- the authentic Korean dishes served by this eatery.

After so much of insight on this place, does this place excite you? Are you ready to take a trip to Majnu Ka Tilla? Do tell us in the comment section if you plan to visit this amazing place.

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