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The Best Horror Movies of 2017


The Best Horror Movies of 2017

Horror movies are always exciting and keeps one on the edge of the seat. 2017 has been a host to several horror movies which tap into the fears that any human being is scared to face. In spite of being fictional accounts, this genre captivates the fantasies of human mind quite meticulously. So here are best of 2017 horror movies that may give you goosebumps:

1. Get Out (24th February)


Chris and Rose have finally reached the ‘meet the parents’ milestone in their relationship. They go to meet Rose’s family who overdoes it while trying to make Chris feel welcomed and accepted. It is initially passed off by Chris as nervousness about his race. But as the film proceeds, strange things begin to happen and they do not end. Is Chris being paranoid or is something really up?


2. It Comes At Night (9th June)


Will, Sarah, and Travis are hiding in their house deep into the woods to save themselves from a highly contagious outbreak when Will, Kim, and Andrew come looking for shelter and food. The two families start developing a sense of normalcy when one day Travis’s dog starts barking. Tensions grow between the two families and in the end, nothing good comes out.


3.  Blackcoat’s Daughter (16th February)


The story is told from two different points of views, one showcasing Kat and Rose, two students stuck in school after their parents fail to pick them up and the other, showcasing Joan, a troubled girl who is offered help by a couple who happen to be going to the same school Kat and Rose are stuck at. This movie is indeed shot like a puzzle and all the pieces fit perfectly towards the end.


4. Alien: Covenant (12th May)


This one has definitely lived up to Prometheus, Alien: Covenant is a sequel and has definitely done justice. It follows the story of a crew who think they’ve found paradise but all they’ve found is trouble.


5. Raw (15th March)


This movie stands against every “Once you go vegan, you never go back” slogan, you’ve ever come across. The movie revolves around Justine and Alexia, two sisters who start lusting for meat and then for human bodies. It’s a gruesome story about two sisters who turn into cannibals. This French movie will definitely make you cringe a number of times than you can count.


6. Split (20th January)


The story revolves around Kevin, who’s still dealing with the trauma he faced as a child by the hands of his mother. It’s a story revolving around the multiple personalities that have developed inside him over the years. Each ‘taking the light’ to protect Kevin, not realizing that their actions could possibly push him further down the hole that he keeps trying to climb out of.


7. Hounds of Love (12th May)


Kidnapped in the middle of the night, Vicki Maloney finds herself captive to a middle-aged couple who gave her a ride. Her only way out of that hell hole is to drive a wedge between the dysfunctional couple. Will she be able to do it or will she find herself buried in a shallow grave?


8. A Dark Song (28th April)


The story is about a mother seeking revenge for her 7 years old son who’s murdered in a cult ritual. She hires an occultist to help her talk to her dead son but soon, everything starts going horribly wrong.


9. It (8th September)


If you liked clowns as a child, this movie is not for you. The story is about a clown who lives in the sewer and kidnaps kids. It’s a story about a bunch of kids who fight the battles of their lives by sticking together and overcoming their fears.


10. A Cure For Wellness (17th February)


This movie definitely gives out Shutter Island vibes. Doctors trying to keep patients unstable and sick, nightmares, suspense, inexplicable justifications, it’s all there. Lockhart is forcibly kept in a ‘spa’ and soon starts piecing together what is really happening. But will that get the better of him or will he escape?

They all great movies, but if we had to pick a favorite it would definitely be ‘A Cure For Wellness’ mainly because of its resemblance to ‘Shutter Island’ and to add to it, the movie is also directed to the point.

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