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Social Media: A Necessary Evil Of Our Daily Life


Social Media: A Necessary Evil Of Our Daily Life

28 notifications on Facebook; 76 messages from 12 chats on WhatsApp; 93 new posts on Instagram and an incessant number of activities on a random site. Your day starts with WhatsApp memes and ends with comparing your own life with other’s Snapstories. Someday you fake Instagram posts and someday you fake web check-ins on Facebook. Social Media is definitely ruling your life and you are surely under its thumb if the above happens with you.


Under the flag of using the social media, no one emphasizes on the fact of being used by the social media. The smart generation of the 21st century has no idea of being engulfed by something toxic like this evil. The problem recognised is not the usage of internet for important purposes, but being so severely infected by it that the confidence of ‘doing it on our own’ has faded into the mist of the virtual world made by social media to which the teenagers are shifting day by day knowingly or unknowingly trying to escape the actual existence. But existing at a place that does not exist in reality is intoxicating the purpose of existence that is, Action!
Here are some points being listed time after time to throw light into the hypothetical world of social media.




The trend of socializing virtually over a screen is a habit of a most productive generation now. No one now minds being indulged in a connection with an unknown personality in order to increase their so-called “following “, this has made such people prone to Cyber-bullying, and identity theft. The people falling under the discriminated populations are vulnerable to get trapped into the cool trend of using Hate speech, they feel it be a way of releasing their stress but studies show, being knowingly unfair to someone increases stress. Depression is what most of the population ends up with.




The first thing compromised at the sake of using social media every now and then is sleep. How frequently an average media user wakes up in the middle of the night to check the blinking screen of their phones for new messages and notifications. This not only affects the eyesight but adversely leads to sleep disorders. We can hear every next person declaring to be suffering from insomnia! Is it? It is just a pattern they need to change by spending a few moments in the real world. The other major health hazard caused by the obsession of social media is varied appetite patterns. It can either be a loss of appetite due to inability to realize the sensations when the mind is deeply indulged in some activity or overeating due to manipulation by pictures of luring food items one looks at every now and then on Instagram and Facebook.




Social web does exactly what drugs can do to an individual, the hazardous impacts of such addictions are so prompt that nearly everyone knows and yet ignores falling into a vicious trap. It starts with an urge to check a single message or video or notification and grows link by link, page by page, post by post into a maze one gets lost in. The provoking sensation of using such sites never let one be satisfied; it’s never enough!  ‘A single like on this, a comment on this one, ohh… this is one is just perfect to share.’ The troubling point is victims do not admit being addictive to it that makes it even more difficult to pull them into reality.




Privacy is something extremely sensitive and dangerously misused over social media these days. Even the smart and educated population needs to be told about what to share online. When it comes to being cool sharing stuffs like daily activities to flaunt one’s circle is very common these days, in this process people especially teenagers share sensitive information about themselves even with unknown people connected via social media which they would have never shared otherwise.




The personality of an individual is always influenced by what one sees on the social media websites. The most prevalent problem is the use of sadistic quotes, people start relating their problems to it and end up being drowning in their miseries. The hypothetical connections one makes while being on social media. Its impactful in a person’s life as they tend to move the individual away from real life interactions. Due to all this going on around someone he/ she becomes dependent on others opinion to lead a happy life. The virtual circle one generates influence the roots of one’s lifestyle; that is the way they think. There is a fear of being abandoned by the society that lowers one’s self-esteem to an extent that it renders another member in the flock of sheeps following a dog. Above that open criticism or feedback on any share or post increases sensitivity amongst the crowd. These influences by the negative content and easily shareable stuff together hoax the personal intent leading an individual to a life based on feedback.




The flood of links and posts from one site to another leading to some curious content is a disguised source of distraction. The stuff that pleases the eye, some mind-boggling stuff hypnotizes people in a way controlling their social behavior that leads to their isolation of such vulnerable population. As a result, people become lesser productive economically, emotionally and socially. Spending more time on social media is also related to increased expenditure. The easily available varieties of authentic goods that are made available in less time and money are what makes most of us end up buying the stuff we don’t necessarily need.


All these points do not imply that social media should be boycotted but emphasize the need to use the social media effectively.

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