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Pink : Punch back to give a lesson


Pink : Punch back to give a lesson

Is it just a colour, a symbol, a code or an abbreviation? What is Pink?  The movie is a social thriller that reflects on the dubious morals of today’s times.


Every day we hear about rape, molestation, misbehave and many other things happening with women. Why such things don’t stop? Is our law weak or we having a corroded system in place? There are many unanswered questions on such issues. Many years back director Rajkumar Santoshi had made a film called “Damini” which is still fresh in our memories because it showed how a woman is treated when she goes through legal trials. The movie Pink is also on the same lines but more effective and reachable because it has BigB in the lead. The film not only exposes our legal and police system but also puts a question mark as how we treat our women.

Even as the film did well in the box office , it was not expected to do so since it was released along with some big names. The core story of the film is something which the youth of today don’t emphasis on. However soon the importance of such a topic spread like wildfire and soon the movie was a common name. The ladies urged their husbands or brothers to take them to the movie. Even though based on exploitation of women , it is not a feminist movie. It is something which makes both men and women equally aware of their rights and the social evils along with how to tackle them.

In India, it is a sad reality that such socially important movies don’t gather much notice but this movie has captured attention due to great acting by Mr. Amitabh  and Ms. Taapsee. But who would believe that Mr. Bachchan was not even the first choice for this role!


All said , this movie is a classic and a must watch. Not just for teenagers , it is suitable for all age groups as it would aware them and help the fight the social evils . #Togethor_Stronger !

Raman Krishnan

Madrista with a habit of playing guitar, football, sketching, writing and reading novels.

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