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Perks of dating a “Soldier”

Perks of dating a "Soldier


Perks of dating a “Soldier”


Perks of dating a “Soldier”

Loving a soldier isn’t hard, the distances are hard. Loving an army man is the easiest thing one can do. He is smart, funny, he is protective, and his intelligence is what makes you drool over him. Girls dating a soldier can easily relate to this, and for those who aren’t, well find one!


1. You’re proud to talk about him: Dating a soldier makes you feel proud. You’re all ears when somebody talks about “The army” .You love talking about him all the time! What time is he on duty, what he eats in camp, when is he coming to meet you, how many minutes did you talk to him over the phone! You always have a new headline to tell your friends about!


2. You’re always counting the number of days left for his next holiday: You are never going to forget what date it is because you’re busy counting the number of days left for him to visit you next, and when the day arrives, you’ll drive the social medias and your friends crazy telling them “He’s coming back today!!”


3. The fear when he’s away: A soldier has an absolutely unpredictable job, but a woman dating a soldier has to be strong throughout. Your heart stops when u know he’s out there risking his life every minute. You would do anything to hear him say “I’m fine, love”.


4. Your heart breaks when he needs to go back after all the time you’ve spent together: You manicure, pedicure, get your hair done, get your winged eyeliner right, when you’re going to meet him. You’re ready to do them everyday, but when he needs to go back to his unit after all the time you two have spent together, you prefer spoiling your mascara and crying your heart out.


5. Your house is filled with camouflage stuffs: He gets you  camo t-shirts, camo slippers, camo jackets, you even get a camo toothbrush! Just for you to feel he’s around and you love these stuffs! Your home starts looking like a mini army camp!


6. You’re in cloud 9 when you’ve talked to him over the phone for 2 minutes!: A girl dating a soldier knows what it feels like not talking to her man. Sometimes your man wouldn’t call u for days, but when he does, you jump around your house shouting and dancing and telling everybody “He called! He called!”.

Sounds difficult? It is, but the perks of dating a soldier are extraordinary. The way he cares for you, the look he gives you after having to see you after months , you feel content when you’re with him. You know you’re safe with him, you know he loves you, moreover you know he’s yours, He is one of a kind.


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