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Perks of Attending an Indian wedding

Perks of Attending an Indian wedding
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Perks of Attending an Indian wedding

Indian weddings are the funniest of all! 😀 they can also become quite irritating at some point of time. But attending them is fun! The following are the perks of attending an Indian wedding:-

Perks of Attending an Indian wedding


The food:

Perks of Attending an Indian wedding-food

No matter how nasty can an Indian wedding get! The food is always amazing! Indians love the taste of “Shaddi ka Biryani” and “Shaddi ka ghol” . If you’re somewhere in the middle of a group of unknown people then that becomes the best way to focus on the delicious food. An Indian shall also agree on attending an unknown wedding just for the sake of Indian food!


The camera man:

Every Indian wedding has to have a nasty camera man filming every move of the crowd. The camera man captures everything except the Dulha and Dulhan themselves! A child crying, people having food, and old man trying to take a sip of water but he cant because his hand’s shaking too much! Everything is captured by the camera man! The most annoying thing with these camera men are, you’re eating and they flash that BRIGHT BIG FLASH LIGHT! Right on your face. Even if you tell them to go away they won’t and they’ll keep recording you eating!


Aunty ji’s and uncle ji’s:

Perks of Attending an Indian wedding

Indian weddings are nothing but always filled with uncle ji’s and aunty ji’s who will come up to you, pull your cheeks and say “Ale kitna bada hogya hai” and you’re just sitting there with a poker face. Some of these aunties are quite annoying when they check you out from top to bottom and gossip about the way you’re dressed. The uncle ji’s on the other hands are quite fascinating with their big tummies, and stuffing their mouths the entire time! You will get to see all the uncle ji’s in the wedding videos holding a plate of pakoras!


Old dada and dadis:

Perks of Attending an Indian wedding

Old dada and dadis are quite fascinating to look at when they start dancing in the middle of nowhere. You will be quite surprised to see your dadi shaking her booty to Munni Badnaam! You should also keep in mind that this the dadi who troubles her bahu the entire day to bring her some oil and give her a leg massage because she is in so much pain! The dads are usually sending their grand children here and there troubling them to bring some icecream, or more of gulab jaamun!


Desi Girls:

Indian weddings usually have a lot of hot chicks roaming around with beautiful lehengas and saarees. Usually they try to be the centre of attraction and end up dressing up more than the bride! They’re all waxed and groomed and talk about each other’s dresses all the time.


Indian wedding dance:

The level of dance performed when the baraatis arrive, outshines Hritik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor. The uncles and aunties go mad with their tapori dances, the aunties shaking their hands above their head dance happily like there’s no tomorrow! The kids go up right in the front to show off their oblong moves and the, the uncles feel nostalgic about their old days and dance their hearts out! The band walas play tacky songs like “Raja ki aygi baaraat”!


The bidaai:

During the Bidaai the entire atmosphere turns into a Hindi Serial. The girl hugs the entire family and cries like she’s never going to meet them again! Even if the girl is worried about her makeup her mother tells her to cry! What will the baraatis say! Cry Cry!!


So these are the perks of attending an Indian wedding! If you can relate to any of them then like this post. You can also share your experiences of an Indian wedding 😀

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