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Objects from olden era worth collecting in today’s times


Objects from olden era worth collecting in today’s times

Collectables, coins, stamps, etc. are preserved and they tend to increase in value in the future times to come. These are some of the collectables which are cherished by people and preserved for the years to come:

Preserving valuable objects is an art for many. We all have a tendency of thinking that there might be some valuables inside the basement of home or simply in the garage. Collectables, coins, stamps, etc. are preserved and they tend to increase in value in the future times to come. These are some of the collectables which are cherished by people and  preserved for the years to come:


1. Postage stamps


Stamp collecting has always been considered as a nerdy habit among people. Uncovering the insights of a beautiful world, stamps can be bought for pennies and their value increases with years. Stamps can be kept in mint if not cancelled and around 10,000 stamps are issued each year in the entire globe.


2. Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes


Due to demonetisation, the use of Rs. 500 and 1,000 notes have been banished and new notes have been introduced in that place. People are seen keeping these earlier notes as a sign of valuables for the later years as the value is expected to increase. Keeping it in the exact same condition is what people are planning of


3. Film and Television


Fancy movie posters, DVD’s , Blue Rays, Laser Discs, etc. should be preserved at present because the future is uncertain and they might not be available in the later years. Video cassettes are getting unpopular day by day which actually makes it to the list of collectables. Recording of television shows may earn a fortune when the time is right.


4. Glass and pottery


Beautiful crafted wine bottles, fashionable milk bottles, paperweight, shot glass, cocktail glass, depression glass,etc. do make it to the list of collectables. With the change in shapes and patterns of these glasses in each passing year, these become more valuable and important. Art pottery in the present times is surely a keepsake because of the vibrant colours and unique designs that it showcases.


5. Kundan jewellery and gemstones


Made with intricate styles and patterns, girls can be seen wearing kundan jewellery in wedding or other religious functions that they attend. Precious gemstones increases value with time and are a great keepsake for the future. Apart from jewellery, scented candles, perfume bottles, corks, etc. can also be kept as collectables.


6. Bottle caps and mason jars


Antique mason jars with names imprinted on it are saved by people which are rare. When it comes to mason jars, the coloured jars are mostly in demand for storing food items. Bottles caps are another of the sort which can be kept. Sports caps, plastic caps, bottle closer, etc. are some of the varieties which can be found. Naming of collectables, cookie cutters can enter the list. With its different shapes, the best way to cut a dough is through a cookie cutter.


7. Fabric and textiles


Talking of textiles , a lot many variety can be found in the market ranging from plant textiles, animal textiles, mineral textiles, etc. to say the least. Metal wires and stuffs can be used in the production of textiles leading to cloth of gold and other kind of jewellery which is a must preserved object. Buttons of various shapes are also a trend among many.


8. Lottery and movie tickets


With change in the shapes and writing of lottery and movie tickets, these objects can be preserved as collectables. The keno slips were the first of lottery tickets that were issued and from then on, many changes are visible. Movie tickets in the present times are more colorful and decorative.


9. Postcards


Postcards have been an age old concept of expressing feelings to people staying in distant lands. Postcards can be marked, unmarked, illustrated and beautiful portraits and landscapes are found on the postcards.


10. Art and photography


Folk Art, American Art are some of the masterpieces in the field of art which have great value and people love keeping these as collectables. Art describes a certain emotion or character and these are rare works.  Preserving Prints and photographs is also an art.


11. Locks and keys


If you stop to look at the millions of keys and locks that have been introduced since times immemorial, you will be amazed to the very best. Made of brass and copper, keys and locks are treasonable and maintained properly.


12. Maps


Printed in the earliest form of paper , olden maps were made in ruled manner and the paper normally had a light brown colour with important landmarks imprinted on it. Olden compasses are a great combination with these maps.


Knowing about these collectables, are you interested to preserve them for yourself? Do let us know in the comment section and what are the things that you would want to preserve.

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