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Mind Teaser : Something about your Favourite brands logos


Mind Teaser : Something about your Favourite brands logos

Walking along the markets and in the malls, we see many products that we use every day. We recognize many brands and sometimes even challenge our mates for a quiz on their logos. However, have we ever realized that there is always something kept under the wrap by these brands about their logos? I guess not. We may know the origin of these brands but not the origin of their logos. Let’s see some of the most common logos and unearth their meanings!


  • Baskin Robbins


Ever imagined that even Baskin Robbins hid something from us? One of the most loved shop has an interesting logo to offer. Take a close Look at what’s highlighted in pink in the BR. Look’s familiar? It’s a 31, which is the number of flavors they offer.


  • Amazon

0b9a1d19547829-562dc41bdc681 – everyone would have used it at least once. We may have even observed that the arrow looks like a smiley and lauded ourselves for deciphering this. But the meaning of this logo doesn’t end here. Notice that the arrow is pointing from a to z; representing the fact that Amazon provides a variety of items for sale, literally from a to z.


  • Pepsi


One of the most loved drinks, a go to refresher for many and a party must-have, Pepsi changed its logo spending millions for patent and rebranding. But why? The old was good enough to distinguish from other drinks. But no! The old logo had some faults in its stars. The new logo is designed as a lucky charm for the company keeping in mind the favorable Chinese Feng Shui, the Renaissance, the Earth’s Geodynamo and the theory of relativity. Not to forget the the Da Vinci Code. Phew! That’s a lot of things. Hats off to the designer to combine so many theories to get one logo.


  • Spartan Golf Cub


This is logo pure genius. Look at it one way and you see a Spartan Helmet. Look at it with other perspective and there’s a golfer taking a swing. Mind blowing right?


  • Audi


Four hoops, plain and simple, right? Nah! In fact, each of the four hoops represent the 4 founding companies of the Audi-Union Consortium way back in 1932: DKW, Horch, Wanderer and Audi.  Audi had 4 founding members? Surprising? No big deal folks, majority of the people don’t know. Now understood the meaning of the zero’s every boy loves to have?


  • Apple Inc.


Even a eaten apple had some hidden meanings? Ever thought? But it has. Just like every new iPhone has something surprising, the logo has something interesting. This apple represents the apple from the Tree of Knowledge in the Biblical creation story of Adam and Eve. The eaten portion of the apple symbolizes the bite taken by Eve.


  • FedEx


This logo is very creative. If you look closely, you will see the arrow between the letters E and X, which represents the company’s forward thinking ways and outlook towards the future. Impressed? I surely was.


  • Mercedes-Benz


If there was an award for the most confident and imaginative logo, this has to be the one. The Tri-Star represents the company’s dominance in quality and style over all things in land, sea and air. Surely, they achieved their aim. Today, Mercedes-Benz is a symbol of luxury and quality.


  • Volkswagen


One of the most trolled vehicle manufacturer for its motto, Das Auto, in India, this company is also one of the most trusted in the Indian automobile market with 1 in every 5 cars being a Volkswagen. But what about the logo? It’s flashy yet simple. The V stands for volks which means people and the W stands for wagen which means car, both in German. It’s the car for the people! Well obviously cars will be driven by people only, we cannot expect animals to drive!


  • Formula 1 racing


Formula 1 racing, commonly known as F1 has a interesting logo. The black F is for Formula and the red pattern signifying speed on display. Then where did the 1 go? Look closely at the white space between the two elements. Yes! Peek-a-boo! Congratulations, you just found the 1.


  • Beats



Almost every sports or music star can be seen wearing a Beats headphone, and you guys must have also wore it at some point. Take a good look and you will see the logo is wearing a pair too. The b and the red circle have been positioned to look like a person wearing the headphone,



Swept of the feet yet? If yes, brace yourselves for a few more and if no, keep reading and I’m sure you would be.

  • Northwest Airlines


Not heard much about this airlines? No issues. It’s not functional in India. You must be wandering then why I included it in this article. It’s because it has an incredibly creative logo. The small triangle within the circle creates a compass pointing northwest and also demonstrates the company’s navigational abilities. It was also cleverly positioned to make the N double up as W symbolizing NW- North West.  Nice one right ?


  • Cisco


Cisco was founded in San Francisco which explains the name easily. But the logo? The series of blue line represent electromagnet. But, it also symbolizes San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Nice way to promote tourism as well. The designer of the logo must be a hardcore. San Fricano!!


  • BMW


BMW has a history in aviation. It manufactured jets for the Germans during World War II. Staying true to their roots, their logo represents their love for the sky. The white sections represent a moving propeller and the blue sections represent the sky.


  • Adidas


One of the favorite sports brand across the globe, it has a unique logo and even more unique meaning to it. The original logo, in 1967 had three stripes, but in the 90’s the owners slanted it to represent a mountain. Why? Because it stands for the obstacles people need to overcome.


Hope you enjoyed the amusing facts behind these brands which we come across daily. Now that you guys are informed about it, show off in front of your friends and see how they start looking you like a genius.





Raman Krishnan

Madrista with a habit of playing guitar, football, sketching, writing and reading novels.

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