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How are Web Series changing the ballgame of the Television Industry?


How are Web Series changing the ballgame of the Television Industry?

A drastic shift of viewership has been witnessed from Television soap-operas to Web series. Has anyone speculated on that? Well, firstly web series gives people shows which are dynamic, unlike television shows which have similar plots and lots of melodrama. The characters in web series are relatable, realistic and most importantly have a round character. Television shows portray flat characters as the ideal kind of human beings. They fail to understand the changing taste and refined perception of today’s viewers.


The television industry has been stagnant with the kind of works it has presented to the audience in the past, and some of them have been disasters because of irrational elements which make no sense in real life. It is a rarity to see television shows which have a strong plot line as well as being entertaining. The television industry has been resistive to change but is steadily improving its content as the ball has shifted in the court of web series.


On the other hand, web series have fresh material with free access on the internet and most importantly it is relatable to the viewers and it does not paint a rosy picture about life. It talks about hushed up topics like sex education, homosexuality, live-in relationships and much more. The characters are rounds as they show both their good and bad sides which make them relatable to the audience. One would not relate to a Sanskari housewife who is tormented by every random person on the planet as much as they would relate to a person who is yes tormented by people yet s/he decides to talk about it instead of bearing it throughout the show which might as well extend to ten years.


Shows like Sex chat with Pappu and Papa shatter the fragile misconception that it is morally wrong for a child to know about sex. It brings forward different issues which are looked at by people of different ages and generations. Similarly, we have more shows like Man’s world and Girl’s Room which questions the society and tries to bring about a change that is urgently needed in the society. Television industry will not be able to give them such a liberal platform to create such shows and, ergo it remains stuck in the sad cycle of recycled storylines and weird plots which do not make sense half of the time.

Web series are not only viewer friendly but they are pocket-friendly too. The investment is quite less than the investment in a television show. And because of its reach to a wider audience and its acceptance, producers, and directors tend to make a better profit out of them in short-term than television producers and directors.

Thanks to censorship, the television industry has not even tried to level up their game whereas series have successfully taken the ball of viewership into their court. Television viewership is gradually ceasing to exist and if they do not do anything to save themselves then web series will take over their domain of leftover viewers too.

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