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Homosexuality- a taboo in the Indian community


Homosexuality- a taboo in the Indian community


Homosexuality- a taboo in the Indian community for long is witnessing a change in the perception of the Generation. With more awareness about the reality of the behavior of the homosexuals, the term has become a trending topic in almost all the judiciary around the globe. But there are still many who are unaware of what homosexuality basically is. Homosexual are those people who are attracted to the same sex. Many believe its a choice to be a homosexual. But scientists have proven that it is not the only reason. Homosexuality can be caused by interplay of genetic, hormonal or environmental conditions. But, revealing about homosexuality is a choice.

People across the world, view homosexuals through the eyes of a criminal as if its a fault to be born this way. Conditions of homosexuals in many nations are worse than the condition of Jews during the Hitler era. They are seen as an outcast and shunned by the society. They are exploited, ignored and made to go through many more mental traumas just because they like a person of the same sex. Is this their fault that they love someone? Love is feeling experienced by every living organism in this earth. Being a homosexual is more often than not seen as evil. This is the main reason why homosexuals never reveal themselves and thus results in many problems. The Almighty created them too so why see them as if they were born out of Hades’ lair. Homosexuals are devoid of many rights that straight people enjoy. Furthermore, what’s demoralizing is that no one is even willing to change that.


But since the last decade, things are changing. The homosexual communities are more brave and aware. The straight people are shedding their orthodox vision and adapting to a more acceptable mindset towards the homosexuals. The boost to the revolution was given due to the formation of the LGBT community (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender). They are all those people who have been continuously ignored and tortured mentally for centuries. Forming such a community has given them confidence of a revolution. This has resulted in many consequences, for good and bad.  Even after many self awareness campaigns by these communities, the condition of homosexuals haven’t had much of change. However many laws of various countries have started recognizing them. The first step towards acknowledgment was taken when Facebook introduced a new gender for signing up – other. Even countries like Canada, European Union have introduced laws that suite the homosexuals. Same sex marriage, job reservation etc. are some of the rights that be enjoyed by them in some nations. However, in India, the homosexuals still face an uphill task for recognition. Same sex marriage is still illegal in India. Even though many celebs and eminent personalities have lent their voices for their support, the law has still not been enacted. What is more heartening to see is many student bodies and unions supporting the homosexuals’ cause. Active participation by those who hold the key to prosperous future will boost the homosexuals’ appeal to be acknowledged.

One may not be comfortable working or being in the presence of homosexuals but I appeal that please don’t insult or exploit them. Cooperation doesn’t mean working together always, it also means working without interfering in the other’s interests. So next time you meet any homosexual, do not depose them or turn a sour face, rather talk to them, behave normally cause they too are humans and they too have feelings. Everyone we meet is fighting their own battles so we should try not to become another for them.

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Raman Krishnan

Madrista with a habit of playing guitar, football, sketching, writing and reading novels.

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