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New to a Place? Here are 10 Ways To Make Friends


New to a Place? Here are 10 Ways To Make Friends

Friends play a very important role in our lives. Apart from your permanent family, this is your second most important family. They are the ones who stay with us in our bad and good times.Without friends, life wouldn’t be the same at all. And it is important to know that every person who becomes our friend might not be a friend for life. Importance of friendship doesn’t lie in the number of friends we make, it depends on the bond you share with them. Thus, making the right friends is something very important. Here are some tips which help you to make friends and guide you through the amazing journey of friendship(These tips will become your best friend if you are new to some place):


1. Make the first move

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When you are surrounded by a group of people, it is the best chance you have got to make friends. Even if no one around you takes the initiative, you make the first move and go talk to them. Break the ice by asking them casual questions like how their day was, what are their plans for tomorrow, what do they like, etc.


2. Learn about their hobbies

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Asking someone what their hobbies are will make things smooth. The people on the other side will know that you are interested in them and will start opening up. Know what do they do in their free time, which music do they listen to, which gym do they go to.


3. Hang out more

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Once you acquaint yourself with new people, start hanging out with them. The place of meetup could be anywhere – park, club, restaurant, bookstore etc. It will be better if you choose a place that would relate to their hobbies.


4. Accept invitations

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If someone has invited you to a birthday party, accept the invitation and go meet them. This would not only strengthen the bond but also will give you a chance to meet other friends of your favorite person.


5. Be yourself

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Only because you want to be friends with someone, don’t try to bring any changes to your own self. Be what you are and act what you are like. Do not fake anything as it may create problems in the future. People are mostly attracted by those who tend to be themselves and have their own personality. Imitating anyone and creating situations to make friends will not help you in any manner. Rather keeping your head on your shoulders and maintaining your own individuality will help you to outshine in the crowd.


6. Volunteer

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Volunteering makes two things happen at the same time. You get to know people who think in a similar way like you do and also you will receive the warmth of people seeking your help.


7. Be active on social media:

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Social media has got a huge role to play when it comes to helping you out make new friends. Tag your people in Facebook memes, create stories on Instagram, click pictures using Snap chat filters etc. This will help you to be in touch with your buddies 24×7 and will enhance your friendship. And yes this is the best medium to flaunt your budding friendship. Make the most it.


8. Get your furballs along:

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You have a dog. She/he has a dog. Great! Go for some morning or evening walk together with your pets. Play with their pets and surely this will make them more than happy.


9. Do not judge

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Open-mindedness is very crucial in the process of making friends. Do not judge people based on their backgrounds, culture or places. Because none of them matter when it comes to friendship. Instead, try understanding them through your heart rather than through your mind.


10. Do not back off

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There are chances that the person whom you are trying to be friends with may not reciprocate the efforts you put in. But do not lose hope. Make your efforts and give your best. Few more steps from your side will end up giving you a friend for life.

“Friends are precious gems, keep them safe and sound in your heart”. You never know when a friend may turn into your best friend and a partner in crime, so value them and cherish your friendship.

Hi, this is Rajani Gupta. I am a Computer Science graduate from Hyderabad. Apart from being a tech enthusiast, I find interest in presenting creative content to the visitors. Blogger.

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