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Have You Heard About the Vampire Facial?


Have You Heard About the Vampire Facial?

It’s not been many days since we have learned about getting tattooed in the eyes, thanks to Karan who is the first Indian to try it. And now we have a new concept that entered the world of treatment, the VAMPIRE FACIAL. You might quite get confused with the association of the word ‘Vampire’ with facial, but certainly, you have read it right.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) popularly known as the Vampire facial is the latest sensation as none other than Kim Kardashian has given it a try and has posted pictures recently on her social media account handle. Also, Tiger Woods and Bar Rafaeli are also among the big celebrities who have tried the vampire facial. Though this beauty treatment has been into practice since the 90’s, formerly it was used to treat soft tissue damage but now is used as an alternative for facial filling. Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment involves the extraction of the patient’s blood from their arm (a couple of spoons) and then spinning the blood in a centrifuge in order to separate the plasma which is the fluid part of the blood, thus separating it from the red and white blood cells. This plasma which is concentrated with blood platelets is then injected into the face of the patient; the point to be noticed is that this plasma is rich with growth factors. Some doctors even prefer combining the plasma with dermal fillers while treating problem areas like under the eye. PRP was originally used to accelerate the healing of wounds and burnt skin for nearly the past 20 years but Dr. Charles Runels is the man who has titled it ‘the vampire facial’ in 2010 when ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Twilight Saga’ attracted many viewers.

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Dr. Debra Jaliman told the US Magazine “PRP can be used from everything from boosting collagen production, to minimizing fine lines, hair regrowth and even treating sports injuries.” Speaking about Kim Kardashian, she said: “Kim used the PRP in a different way; she underwent a micro-needling facial and used her own platelets as the serum that was spread over her face.” The platelets weren’t injected directly into the face, the microneedles penetrate deep into the face creating a space for the body’s own plasma to go.”

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Usually, the recommended dosage is 3 sessions, each session four weeks apart from the other and it mostly takes a year for maintenance. It is advised to consult the doctors properly before you go forward with this treatment to ensure complete safety even in the future. However, there are not many scientific proofs about PRP supporting the long-term improvement of skin.

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