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End Of The MSD Era

End of the MSD Era


End Of The MSD Era

Keeping anonymity about his decisions has been Dhoni’s favorite hobby and as per his characteristics, he surprised everyone yet again. Just as he hung up his boots from Test Cricket exactly 2 years ago in the middle of a test series, he, on the eve of the selection committee meeting, dropped another bomb by announcing his decision to step down as the Indian limited overs skipper. Yes, a glamorous era of bold and exciting captaincy has come to an abrupt end. MS Dhoni, the only captain in the history of world cricket to win all ICC trophies has left his legacy. Though he would still be available as a player, it seems it won’t be long when he would be addressed as former Indian cricketer MS Dhoni. Though the next skipper of Indian limited over team is yet to be decided, Virat Kohli is the number one contender for the captaincy.


MSD’s retirement from Test cricket was a surprise but once retired from one format; anyone can guess that it won’t be long before MS walks away from other formats too. But, his decision to retire isn’t out of pressure to perform, he felt it; he did it. Kohli’s purple patch with both bat and captaincy prompted MS to conclude that it was the right time to hand over the reign to the youngster. He retired from tests with one match remaining in the series, to give Kohli one-match experience in Australian soil. He developed a team, encouraged youngsters and took full responsibility of losses while praising the team for wins. He is not leaving behind just a legacy, but a team which are world champions. A well oiled machine has been prepared by him, and now by giving the command of machine to a new young head in the form of Virat Kohli instead of a ageing himself, he has ensured this team would go down in history as one of the greatest.


As a skipper, there’s nothing Dhoni hasn’t achieved. He has won all the ICC trophies and took India to the numero uno position in all formats. He is India’s most successful Test and ODI skipper with 27 wins and 110 wins respectively. He is also world’s most successful T20 skipper with 41 wins. He is world’s second most successful ODI skipper, just behind Ricky Ponting. He also holds the Indian record of most consecutive wins in ODI. Kohli may become a good captain or even a great captain but he cannot be as great as MS. What makes MS’s captaincy stand out was his cool demeanour. He was as cool as an ice even during crunch situations. The way he marshalled his troops was a sight to watch. Who would have thought that the long haired flamboyant hard hitter would transform into a monk-like player who couldn’t be crushed mentally even in toughest of conditions!


One day or another, MSD was bound to step down as skipper. But it would come so soon; no one would have imagined. He has been a great work horse of Indian cricket and has shouldered the burden of Indian captaincy for 10 years. Now it is time for him to relax and watch the younger generation be successful.

We hope MSD keeps contributing to the Indian cricket team as he has been before and the new captain lives up to his legacy..


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Let’s hope Indian cricket team touches new heights under the new leader.


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