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Dussehra Celebration in different states of India


Dussehra Celebration in different states of India

The nine days navratri comes to conclusion with dusshera. The word DUSSHERA  when heard by everyone fascinates both young and adults as it involves burning effigies of ravana , considered one of the most evil character according to hindu methodolgy.This is one of the most grand festivla that is looked forward by people in India as they celebrate this festive season with much with zeal and fervor. It symbolizes victory of good over evil. The most interesting fact about this festival is that it is that it is celebrated by different states in there own unique manner. lets see how

1. Bengal Orissa and Assam ( DURGA PUJA )

Durga pooja a five days festival in Bengal and 4 days festival in Orrisa and Assam. In this peple of these staes worship godess durga . They celebrate Durga puja on the days of sashti, Saptami, Ashtami and Navami. The festivity ends with a grand puja held on the tenth day where Bengali women perform a ritual called Sindoor Khela or Sindoor Utsav. The women offer Sindoor on the forehead of the goddess Durga and then on each other. It holds a lot of importance for married women, they apply Sindoor on each other wishing each other happy married life and good luck.



2. Himachal Pradesh (kullu)

One of the most famous dusshera is of is the major attraction in kullu valley.The practice of the rituals of Kullu Dussehra dates back to the 17th century. An idol of Raghunath was installed by a King named Jagat Singh, followed by this, he was declared as the ruling deity,whom people worship till date.



3. Mysore dusshehra

People of mysore celebrates this festival in the most colorful way. the whole locality and households are adorned with beautiful lightings and different varieties of flowers.hey have a ritual where they conduct a procession with elephants taking part in the festivity. The effigies of Ravana, Meghnath and Kumbhkaran are then burnt to symbolise the victory of good over evil.



4. Gujarati Garba

The festival in this state is celebrated in the form of navratri. the people wear new atire  and gather themselves for folk dance called GARBA.



5. Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, nine days of the Navratra are dedicated to goddess Durga and on the tenth day goddess Saraswati is worshipped. This day is considered auspicious to start anything new.


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