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Delhi – The National Capital or The Pollution Capital?


Delhi – The National Capital or The Pollution Capital?




Suffering through bouts of Suffocation, Cough, burning eyes, throat on fire and headaches ? Don’t worry, you are not a mareez nor are you alone in these illness. These are something being faced by more than half of the Delhities. The pollution level is so alarmingly high that one cannot breathe without inhaling tons of pollutants into the body.  So who is to be blamed for this situation?


Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal recently compared Delhi to a gas chamber. And why not so? The air is more than 15 times the permissible air quality. Add fog to the existing pollution and the result is a thick blanket of smog that has diminished visibility to a few meters this early November.  The main reason for this threat is the burning of farm in Punjab and Haryana. The toxic air travels east to Delhi infecting the already worse air. What made the situation worse is the festival of Diwali. According to reports, the crackers were costlier this year than the previous years prompting people to believe that this would be pollution less Diwali. But what happened was never imagined. High prices did not stop the people from bursting cracking more than the previous years. The amount of pollutants released post Diwali in Delhi beats the pollution level of many cities around the world alone.


India finally overtook China. But how? Delhi is now officially the most polluted city in the world leaping ahead of Beijing. And the actions of the citizens are to blamed for this. Indiscriminating burning of trash, endless crackers, crocodile tears and hollow promises of saving environment. And then they blame it on the government. Do you think the government will visit house to house and check whether the members are environment friendly or not? The citizens are more responsible for the citizen than the government. Mr. Kejriwal has urged people to use more of public transport to limit the carbon emissions. But will we listen? Hum Delhi vaale dheet hai, but can we this one time be more proactive and bring the change that we are expecting from the government? If we continue not giving a damn about this situation and put the whole blame on the government, the day is not far that we have to evacuate the city and resettle ourselves somewhere else because it would be inhabitable for us. I urge you to support the government, perform our duties, do our bit to curb the pollution and leave the rest to the nature to give the final verdict.


Rehan Akhtar

A learner with no extra talent, but always with great desire to achieve his dream. Always hunger for big success-to make his parents proud on him. He Doesn't believes in God, own Platform and Self. Student -cum- professional Blogger, Web Developer and Film-Maker, Pursuing Mass Media/BJMC .

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