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Akshay kumar appeal Indians to think about Soldiers & their Family


Akshay kumar appeal Indians to think about Soldiers & their Family


In one of the worst terrorist attacks on the Indian Army by fedayeen attackers, at least 17 army jawans were killed in Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri when a four-man fedayeen squad attacked the rear office of an Indian Army infantry installation early Sunday morning. The political and public unrest in the country after the Uri attack is something that is never seen before. Almost everyone wants war against Pakistan. The Indian Army did reply to this with “surgical strike” but it has only led to more political debates over the country.
The relations between India and Pakistan were never very good. Kashmir has been a bone of contention since the day Pakistan was separated from India. Pakistan has crossed lines by breaching LOC, not once but on multiple occasions, but the real question here is- “is war an answer to this?” Pakistan has always been known to provide shelter to terrorism and terrorists. In such a situation calling for war might just worsen the conditions.

At a time when everyone is demanding war against Pakistan khiladi kumar’s video message to the masses comes as a breath of fresh air. It is easy to ask for war when you are sitting at home comfortable and SAFE of any risk that the war may cause. The real challenge is for the parents, spouse , children and sisters of those serving the nation. Ever thought of it this way? They are the people who bear the actual cost of war. Attaining martyrdom on the line of duty is definitely something to take pride in, but their is always a lose of life. It is because of the soldiers, standing day and night on the border, away from their homes and their loved ones that we can sleep peacefully in our houses. Akshay kumar very rightly pointed that the real problem is the fear. The families of our jawans are really not concerned about anything apart from their future and that exactly is what we all should be considerate about as it is because of the soldiers that we are safe and carefree.

“wo hai tho hum hai, wo nahi tho hum nahi. Jai Hind! ”

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