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We know Raksha Bandhan can be monotonous with its same old sweets and rituals. You and your sibling probably share a much more fun relationship than that. So this year, why not celebrate Raksha Bandhan with a twist?

Ahead of this year’s Raksha Bandhan on 7 August, we bring you a list of things you and your siblings can do. Indulge your sweet-tooth or go on a shopping spree or whatever you do, just make sure you have fun with brothers and sisters.


1.  Take a walk down memory lane this Raksha Bandhan


Sunday morning cartoons over breakfast; Friday night pizza dinners; weekend trips to the park or beach, every childhood is replete with certain family rituals. Bring back some of your favorite rituals this Raksha Bandhan and relive memories of your childhood with your brother or sister as you go back to being kids again in each other’s company, even if it is only for a few hours. Take those photo albums out, play your favorite tracks and cherish the time together.


2.  Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan at an amusement park


Nothing is more symbolic of the unbridled fun and abandon of the early childhood years than a trip to an amusement park. A whole day set aside for fun and frolic; exciting rides; enticing food; laughter and shared moments with loved ones, some of our best childhood memories are often associated with picnics or trips as a family. You may be all grown up now but the amusement park can still bring out the inner fun loving child in you. And hey, it’s a great way to unwind, de-stress and bond with your sibling without having to worry about planning the details. Just book your tickets and you’re sorted!

Take your children and your extended family too. It will all turn out to be a good day.


3.  Planning a last minute Raksha Bandhan and don’t know what to do? Try a movie marathon!

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The daily grind can get to the best of us, so if you’re one of the many who’ve had absolutely no time or mental space to even think about what to do for Raksha Bandhan, a movie marathon may be the perfect solution. It’s a brilliant opportunity to hang out and catch up while being able to relax and unwind all at the same time. You could head to the most conveniently located multiplex, or the neighbourhood theatre where you watched movies together as kids if that’s possible! Or, if even that seems like too much effort, just sack out at either of your homes and bring on the movies!

Get popcorn, ice creams and what not, after all no one’s cooking that day!

4.  Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan in your pajamas!

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We’re talking about pajama parties and sleepovers. Back when you were kids, you and your sibling probably shared a bedroom and spent long hours chatting and bickering way into the night, try and revive the memories through this pajama party. Bring out those jammies and bring back those all night talkathons with a good old fashioned pajama party. You could even throw in some of your favourite grub and organise a midnight feast. It will be a unique Raksha Bandhan all right and a super fun way to bond.

If you guys are well in your 30s or more, than it may turn out to be even more fun. Gather all your siblings and refresh those wonderful memories of yours.

5.  Long distance Rakha Bandhan? Raise a toast…virtually!

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Miss your sibling terribly on Raksha Bandhan but feel helpless because you are continents apart? Fret not, in the day of Facebook Live and SnapChat, a little social media can go a long way. Have a chat over Skype or any other medium and make each other feel the warmth of your realtionship.

Write something or make a card maybe, for your sibling and see, them melting. And if, you can actually plan a visit, then why not? It is the perfect time to give him/her the surprise. The extent to which they would be missing you on Raksha Bandhan, cannot be measured and so is the happiness they would experience when they see you!!


If you not in rituals and all, celebrate the bond you guys have.

Let us know your plans for this Raksha Bandhan in the comment section.

Swastika Jain

Pursuing Economics Hons. at Janki Devi Memorial College. University of Delhi. Firm believer of "FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS". Loves to write and read.

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