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5 Smartest People In The World

5 Smartest People In The World


5 Smartest People In The World

5 Smartest People In The World

Among the millions and trillions of people on our planet, yes there lives the 5 Smartest living people on the Earth. These people include a man who taught himself mathematics at the age of 3 to the person who beat computer in the game of chess.We are taking a look at the 5 smartest living person on Earth.



Smartest Living People On The Earth


she was a child prodigy and becomes the grandmaster at the age of 11.. And at present is the only chess player in the world chess federation amogsttop100 players list.she is awarded the most talented chess player of all time. she is the only woman to won a game from a world no 1 player and has also defeated 9 world champions.




Smartest Living People On The Earth

He has an IQ of 225. At the age 3 he started learning mathematics . He engaged himself at the Grocery store calculating the total bill items in his parents shoppig card. At the age of 4 he became the part of cal-tech and at 12 he took up physics and calculus and won gold medal at international physics olympiad. and is currently teaching astro physics.




Smartest Living People On The Earth

He was born in 1942 and in 1959 when he was 17 years old he received scholorship toread physics aand chemistry at oxford university. he earned a bachelors degree in 1962 and then he moved on to cambridge to study cosmology . he was dignosed with motor neuron disease atthe ageof21 he bacame depressed and gave up studies.however he was inspired by his fiance he returned to his academic persuits and completed his Phd in 1965. He is best known for his pioneering theories on blackholes and his best selling book A brief history of time (1988).




Smartest Living People On The Earth

During the family gathering they saw a 2 year old teach a 5 ear old child the arithematic and english.   At 9 he has reached college level and obtains the masters degree at 16. And at 1938 age just 13 he became the youngest gold medal recepient in international mathematical olympiad. He achieved a score of 700 or more in the SAT math section while he was just 8 year old.




Smartest Living People On The Earth

He is a greek doctors and made headlines in his own country when he won THE WORLDS GENIUS DIRECTORIES 2013 – GENIOUS OF THE YEAR AWARD. he has an IQ of 198. He graduated from aristotle university of Thessalonaki school of medicine in 2000.

He completed the following post graguate studies :-

i)  Msc in medical research and technology.

ii) MA in philosphy in the faculty of philosphy.

he is also a Phd candidate in phychopharmacology in the medical biology and genetics.


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