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20 things all Delhi University students know to be true


20 things all Delhi University students know to be true

20 things that all DU students know to be true


  • The most common thing that the students hear is that only the top bracket colleges of Du have the top value and other off campus colleges are not good enough.


  • Well no!! DU is DU any day anywhere. No matter which college, the value is same. The final graduation certificate won’t show the college u studied , it will only show that you are a undergraduate from DU.


  • Another thing we hear especially from the society aunties is about the placement an off campus college would offer. According to them, only the North Campus colleges would give you a nice cozy job.


  • Negative! Nowadays not a single college can guarantee a good job just after under graduation. That was earlier when a graduate was the top most degree. But now, nothing less than a Post-Graduation will make you fit for a respectable job.


  • Favorite line of seniors – ek baar DU mein ghus gaya toh maze hai ! Well that is true though. No other college can give you a good balance of study and fun as DU. But, DU mei ghusne ke liye jo pappad belne padte hai voh bhi batao !!


  • Some even say – college mein bigad jaaoge ! Well , bigad toh hum school mein hi gaye hai XP . But it totally depends on the friend circle we be in. Sangati ka asar folks !


  • Excited for the first day?? A natural feeling. Also hoping to make new friends and having the time of your lives with them? But trust me its just a one day feeling.


  • Surpriseee! You would be all social the whole first day, nut from the second day onwards, you would be your usual self, realizing that the only person important is you yourself. Baaki bhaad mein jaae.


  • Think college and the first thing we imagine is the scenic beauty shown in Student of the Year or the fantastic infra from the 3Idiots with tiled walls, marbled floors, air conditioned rooms.


  • Nope!! Nothing of that sort at all. The classrooms feel like a tornado just passed from there, the furniture are the same used in baba adam’s zamana, raining papdi in the classrooms, a fan so fast you can stop it with your bare hands. Yes my friends that’s what most colleges feel like in DU.


  • Shopping new clothes and shoes to look the best fashionista in your class? Sorry but no one’s gonna care what you wear after a few days unless you are breathtakingly good looking. You would probably just pick up any damn cloth from your wardrobe and go. Boys in most cases do follow this routine.


  • Already resolved that you would study day in and day out? That’s a good thing you to do. But resolving is one thing and making it work is one thing. A few weeks into the college and sabko college ki hawa lagegi. Weathering the wind is a very important.


  • Scared about ragging? Kya hoga hamare saath, seniors kya kya karvaenge? Sweating off reminding yourself about the 3Idiots style ragging?


  • Calm down chaps. No such things ever happen. Most of the seniors are friendly and would make you comfortable. And 3Idiots vaali ragging? That Chetan Bhagat is such a big bluff. Those things don’t happen now.


  • Another mindset that the freshers have is about the professors. Think professors and a grumpy old man with a permanent sneer like that of Snape (from Harry Potter obvio, how many people live with a name Snape) jump into the mind.


  • But noooo, all these expectations are false. Maybe they are old, not surely not grumpy nor resembling Snape ( Snape was a hero in disguise though). All, mostly all are friendly and cheerful.


  • Be interactive, do not live in your shell. The people around you may be fun to be with and you may know unless you befriend them.


  • Nurture your talent, don’t be ignorant and suppress it within yourself. Show off in front of everyone, until they acknowledge you or think you are arrogant. Participate in as many activities you can, cause they are the real attraction of talent.


  • One change that everyone surely undergoes is regarding the regularity in attending classes. From not missing a single class to hardly attending one, the transition is quick and generally inevitable. Exceptions are always there!!


  • Making just your agal bagal vaala to making the whole class laugh. The bond increases as weeks pass. You get to know everyone, learn to accept everyone and enjoy everyone. Never ever forget the bonds you develop cause they are the seeds to great friendships and the root to making of a good human.




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