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10 Unbelievable devastating recent natural disasters


10 Unbelievable devastating recent natural disasters

Man made disasters have massacred many people in human history but when mother nature is not at her best of mood , man made mistakes seem childish. Natural disasters are more unpredictable and more devastating which causes too much damage . Let’s look at some of the deadliest punishment carved out by our mother nature in the history mankind !


1) Russian Heatwave 2010

Europe, in the summer of 2010 experienced a unprecedented heatwave. The worst effected was Russia. The heatwave caused widespread damage to Russia – both financially and economically. The temperature remained in triple digit for most of the summer. The Russians , who aren’t accustomed to warm temperatures , found these triple digit temperatures unbearable. Russia recorded more than 150,000 deaths due to thus heatwave. Farms were destroyed due to wildfires as well as failures. An estimated loss of $15 billion was caused.


2) Haiti Earthquake 2010

2010 had already seen an epidemic in Russia which was enough for humans to learn but there was more in store. One of the poorest nation , Haiti recorded a record-breaking earthquake measured 7.8 magnitude in Ritcher Scale. More than 300,000 people were killed and many hundred thousands displaced. As if the death was not enough , the disaster was marred by flying of rumors that the Clinton Foundation, which was assigned to aid the people of Haiti, pocketed a staggering $3.8 billion !


3) Indian Tsunami 2004

The tsunami , caused due to an earthquake under the Bay of Bengal, effected 8 countries in all. But India was the most effected. More than 230,000 people were killed due to the flood caused and the widespread water borne diseases like cholera and jaundice. Starvation was also one of the main reason for death.


4) Italian earthquakes 2016

One of the most shocking and devastating earthquakes in the history of Italy, it killed around 300,000 people , injured more than 4000 and displacing thousands. It was not just one earthquake which effected Italy , 3 earthquakes struck two weeks later and a couple earthquakes more the next month. Four villages were completely buried under the stubble.


5) New Zealand earthquakes 2016

If Italian series of earthquakes were not  eye raiser , this surely was. A staggering 14 earthquakes of magnitude 7.2 to 7.8 on Ritcher Scale stuck this island nation. The southern new Zealand coast of 14 miles was lifted up due to the earthquake. Though there was not much human loss , there was a huge loss of property and economic loss to the nation.


6) Bangladesh Cyclone 1991

This disaster could have been averted had the government of Bangladesh been more careful and responsible. When the cyclone was first deducted in the Bay of Bengal three weeks before it actually struck , the government had prepared but not effectively. 150,000 people were killed even after refugee homes were set up. The already poor Asian nation , incurred another huge loss of estimated $1.3 million

7) San Francisco Earthquake 1906

If the this event is not remembered by the devastating earthquake, it can be remembered for the choas and madness  the people of San Francisco created. The earthquake destroyed many buildings and killed around 4000 people. What made the situation worse was the ill trained fire fighters and the self obsessed citizens. The fire fighters in a bid to destroy the damaged buildings used   caused uncontrollable fires throughout the city. Moreover, businessmen deliberately set fire on their buildings because the only insurance provided at that time was against fire. Madness right ? Not finished yet. The Mayor of San Fransisco ordered curfew to control the damage. Despite the curfew there was widespread looting and robbery. This prompted the army to impose ‘shoot at sight’ order. This caused many deaths as the army shot people for fun and the citizens with no homes had nowhere to go. True madness !


8) Peru Avalanche 1970

The home of Machu Pichu, was effected by an avalanche which killed upto 20,000 people and buried 3 to 4 cities under the rubble. The avalanche was caused due to an earthquake whose epicenter was under the sea. Landslide , starvation and other epidemics along with the avalanche resulted in death of more than 70,000 people.


9) Galveston Hurricane 1900

This is one of the earliest recorded hurricanes in the history if USA. It also comes up the order for one of the most destructive hurricanes of the US. It started off the Western African coast and was not expected to reach the coast of Galveston. However the strong winds destroyed the coastal city. The coast of Galveston rose by 17 feet due to the tides and winds. Around 12,000 people were killed due to this punishment of mother nature.


10) China Floods 1931

The Chinese government never expected the floods to effect as much it did. More than 500 square miles of area was flooded and due to this 500,000 people were killed and displaced. Crop failure and starvation were the most common terms. What made the epidemic into catastrophe was the negligence by the government. The on going Civil War prompted the government to provide minimum aid to the effected.  At the end , 3 million people were killed!


These were just glimpses of the anger if our mother nature. Th rate at which we humans are damaging the nature, the day is not far when the whole of the world is washed out. Then we would need another Noah and The Arc to construct the world. Let’s not take the situation to that extreme level and pledge to do our bits to protect the earth !



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