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10 Places to Visit in Connaught Place


10 Places to Visit in Connaught Place

Comprising of British architectural elements, this circular market is very popular among Delhites for its extravagant shops and showrooms. This place is also a hub for financial business centers within the markets. From antique cinema halls to toy shops, from food courts to cafes, C.P. is among one of the top places to visit in Delhi. Being a posh area, Connaught place harbors many five star hotels which have the best night clubs in town. C.P. is known for its colorful Janpath market, crowdy underground Palika Bazar and its labyrinth Block markets.

All this sounds lovely on paper, but experiencing places in and around Connaught Place will require at least two days. So here is a list of places one must definitely visit in and ear CP:


1. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib


This holy place of the Sikh community is open to all people, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, and age. Like every Gurudwara, this holy shrine serves about 10,000 meals a day.One cannot ignore the beauty of its golden dome reflecting the sun’s rays all over around it. The inner area consists of a sacred pond or the “Sarovar”, where the devotees are seen to bathe openly in the holy water. This place is open all the time and provides immense tranquility and peace of mind.


2. Vintage Cinema Halls



If you want to make your movie memorable, you visit any of the cinema halls in CP. CP comes with a package of 4 cinema halls including Odeon, PVR Plaza, PVR Rivoli and the oldest Regal (now closed), opened in 1932 by the Britishers. Before Bollywood, there was nothing else but these four halls worked as a stage for Ballet shows, Theatre and Urdu plays.


3.  Ram Chander and Sons


Fond of Toys? Then one should surely visit the oldest toy shop in town which exists since 1980’s. This shop states itself to be India’s oldest toy shop and is a treat for every toy lover. If you cannot find your favorite anywhere, we will suggest you head to this place. For non- Delhiites, this places also offers worldwide shipping. Isn’t this amazing.


4. Wenger’s


One of the first and finest bakeries of Delhi is a favorite place for foodies to hangout. This bakery was completed in 1933 and till date is the favorite for many. “Wenger’s saw Connaught Place being built brick by brick,” says Charanjeet Singh the confectionary’s manager since 1965. The menu is just irresistible and most of the food gets sold out by evening. The bakery usually closes post seven in the evening. If you really want to treat your taste buds, we will suggest you visit in the morning.


5. Keventers


The original Keventers started in Connaught place, right next to Wenger’s.Now named as Shake Square, this place sells amazing shakes in beautiful milk bottles at affordable rates. A trip to CP is incomplete without indulging into these thick and creamy shakes. Our personal favorite is the ‘Butterscotch Shake.’


6. Monuments


CP is surrounded by several monuments such as Jantar Mantar, Agrasen Ki Baoli, Ghaziuddin Mosque. If you are a fan of ghosts, well you are at the right place. Many believe that theses places are haunted by ghosts. Apart from these haunted places, how can one forget ‘The India Gate.’ Getting bored at night, visit India Gate at midnight for a stroll with an ice-cream in your hand.


7. Amatrra Spa


A spa offering balanced vitality with a combination of Ayurveda and modern day Science. Located inside the magnificent Le Meridian Five Star Hotel, this spa is the right place to recover your inner peace and beauty.


8.  Central Park


After the whole tiresome day after the shopping and eating, you can give a break to your body by sitting in the Central Park.  The park hosts various shows, exhibitions, stalls from time to time and various events such as Raahgiri on every Sunday. One will always find amateurs and professional artists holding a DSLR camera in the Park.


9. Palika Bazar And Janpath


These two famous shopping destinations in CP are tough competitors to the showroom. Palika Bazar has several shops with an array of clothes, perfumes, belts, electronic items etc. Whereas Janpath is a big line filled stalls especially of ethnic clothes at reasonable rates. From Rajasthani ‘jhollas’ to beautiful earnings, you will find some exquisite items there.


10.  ICCR Auditorium


The Indian Council for Cultural Relation is an institution which focuses on the relationship of India and other countries in the world. The Institute host various cultural events, including art performance all around the globe, therefore attempting to create awareness about different aesthetics that exist. The auditorium is a major platform for various art groups and organizes events on weekly basis. Any art lover should visit their site to keep a track record of the upcoming events.



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