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10 Things You Should Know to decode NAMO


10 Things You Should Know to decode NAMO

Narendra Damodardas Modi , India’s current Prime Minister is a known name, not just in India but also around the world. Famous for his inspiring speeches and a huge fan following, he is being termed as the best Prime Minister of Independent India. He may be in power for 2 long years now, but how much do we know him. Here are some interesting facts about our dear Prime Minister :


The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressing the gathering at the 300th Martyrdom Anniversary Commemoration Event of Baba Banda Singh Bahadurji, in New Delhi on July 03, 2016.

1) NAMO , born on September 17 , 1950 in Gujarat is the 14th Prime Minister of the Republic of India. He is also the first Prime Minister to be born in independent India. His birth place is Vadnagar and his actual name is Narendra Damodardas Modi , Damodardas being his father’s name.


2) The person who made politics interesting for the youth, would not be present with us  as he had a near death experience at his home town. He was hit hard on the chest by a crocodile’s tail which was hiding in a nearby pool. He was badly injured but recovered pretty well.


3) Another time we almost lost our Prime Minister was when he was a teenager. As a teen, Modi wanted to become a sanyasi ie a saint. He went away in the wild for some years during his youth. Modi also spent two years in the Himalayas along with other sadhus.


4) His martial status was unknown to most even in his political party. However the information came to the fore when he had to fill the nomination paper for Prime Minister candidature. His marriage with his spouse , Mrs. Jashodaben Narendra bhai Modi was done when he was just 18. Our own PM was a victim of child marriage ! Good grief !


5) Narendra Modi, before becoming the Prime Minister , was the Chief Minister of Gujarat for almost 13 years. His development of Gujarat was a model to many other states as well. In the span of 13 years as the CM , he never took a break or a holiday. Modi is a self-confessed workaholic and he is showing  same charisma is the Prime Minister Office too.


6) Modi can be hailed as a true patriot. Not just for his actions and speeches which uplift India , he also signs in Hindi ie his official signature is in Hindi. He prouds himself being an Indian and does so give homage to the national language.


7) Modi was awarded with ‘Times Readers poll for Person of the Year 2016’ beating heavyweights like US Prez Obama , Hot-shot US prez-elect Donald Trump and many more.  This is after many years that an Indian Politician has won this award. This shows how much the world considers him.


8) As a Prime Minister , he is very much active in the social media especially Twitter. He regularly tweets his views and even entertains grievances of the people through it. His app – NaMo app which connects people directly to the PMO which is under his control. NAMO is the first Indian PM to give a speech using a holographic image. Very influential in social media, he even started many selfie trends like – Selfie with Daughters (for Beti Bachao Andolan) , Selfie with Seniors ( to decrease ragging in colleges). His most famous selfie came when he posted his pic holding the BJP Lotus after  voting .


9) Proving himself as a workaholic, Modi wakes up every morning at 5:30 and does yoga. He is even keeps himself updated with the news. He reads all the news articles and blogs specially about himself and gathers new information everyday.


10) In his two years as the Prime Minister , he has traveled to more than 40 countries around the world. He was the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Ireland , Iraq , Indonesia , Greece and many other countries. But , many may know that he got the permission to visit the US only after he became the PM ie he was never issued a US visa as the CM of Gujarat because the US authorities reason that Modi failed to stop the Gujarat riots in 2002 which killed numerous people in the state. But now, Modi is being considered as the closest friend of the US prez Obama. Such is their closeness that Modi addresses the US Prez as Barack , his first name.



Whatever you say, Narendra Modi is a person who never fails to amuse us through his actions. A nightmare for the Opposition, and a savoir for the BJP , Modi is the Prime Minister of India, whether people may not like it. Let’s give him a chance to show his management. Everyone deserves a chance and same applies to Modi. The new generation as far as I know is looking forward for a MODI-fied India. Jai Hind !



Raman Krishnan

Madrista with a habit of playing guitar, football, sketching, writing and reading novels.

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