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10 Superstitions In India That Have No Logic Behind Them


10 Superstitions In India That Have No Logic Behind Them

If there is anything that has to see some change in India, then it is certainly the mindset of Indians towards superstitions. There are many superstitions that are practiced in India that have no proper logic behind them. We list you here such superstitions which are based on illogical beliefs.


1. Sneezing

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We know that sneezing is a natural body action. But ignoring this fact, sneezing in certain situations is considered a superstition. It is said that if a person sneezes just before someone is going out, then the plan of stepping out of the house should be delayed for at least five minutes. Moreover, the person going out is advised to drink a glass of water before he actually goes out. To add to this, it is also said that when a person sneezes, then it is supposed that someone is remembering that person.


2. Calling someone from behind

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The superstition related to calling someone from behind is that, if someone is called from behind when he/she is going out for some important work, then bad luck will fall upon that person and would cause hindrance to the work from being completed. It is said that the person who was called from behind has to again step inside the house, sit for some time and drink some water before going out again. Though there is no logic behind this superstition, it has been into practice since ages.


3. Menstruating Women

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Menstruating women even in the modern days are considered to be impure and unhealthy. In the olden days, women during their menstrual cycle were not allowed to do any household chores and were made to sit in different rooms. Even touching pickle bottles, was considered a bad omen. But now, this is being taken in the wrong way and menstruating women are not allowed to even touch anything in the house or go to temples.


4. Black Cat Crossing

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It is considered a bad omen when a black cat crosses someone’s path when he/she is going out on some work. It is said that the black cats bring bad luck to that person and would face obstacles in completing the work he/she has set out for. But we need to understand that the cat is also just traveling its way and having its time as the others are.


5. Eye Twitching

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This is another superstition associated with natural body actions. Our eyes usually twitch when we are overly stressed or when eye nerves have spasms. However, this is considered as a signal to some bad event which is likely to happen in the future. This is completely illogical and nonsensical.


6. Crows cawing outside the window

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It is said that if there is/are crow(s) cawing outside the window for a considerably long time, then it is a sign that relatives will soon visit our house. Though many people claim that it is true, there is no correct explanation to this as how is this possible. Crows might be cawing usually and it is not necessary to link this with such beliefs.


7. Cutting Nails at Night

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Cutting nails after sunset is said to bring bad luck to people in their financial matters. It is considered to lessen the financial assets and prosperity, moreover, it can bring you misfortune in whatever work you plan to pursue.


8. The bride is responsible for how her future house would be

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New brides are made to set their right foot first when they enter their in-laws’ house. It is believed that the new bride carries her luck to her new house and is responsible for the state of the house in the future. This is completely irrational on the part of the society to think in this manner and make the new bride responsible for everything.


9. Seeing a broom while leaving the house

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If you see anyone cleaning the floor with a broom while you leave your house, it is considered to bring obstacles to whatever work you have set to do. This superstition relates seeing a broom to bring bad luck in your tasks. However, there is no legit reason behind this.


10. Nose Itching

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If all of a sudden your nose starts itching, then it is considered that someone is thinking bad about you. But it should necessarily be understood that it might just be a natural body action or something might have bit you on your nose.


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