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10 Nickelodeon star who got sexier from awkward

10 Nickelodeon star who got sexier from awkward


10 Nickelodeon star who got sexier from awkward

Nickelodeon is known for being one of the most popular networks for kids and teens, featuring relatively unknown actors and actresses. Those of us who grew up in nineties remember some of the most notable stars, even if they were a little awkward. Well, time has been good to some of Nick’s cast members. Here are awkward Nickelodeon stars who are now insanely HOT!



D 90599-02 Obligatory Credit - CAMERA PRESS / ? Leo Rigah / StarlitePics / StarlitePics. NOT FOR SALE IN: USA, FINLAND, GERMANY, ITALY, RUSSIA, SWEDEN, NORWAY, SPAIN, JAPAN, NETHERLANDS AND SOUTH AFRICA. Josh Peck promoting "The Wackness" in Los Angeles, CA. June 6, 2008 *** NO TABS / SKIN MAGS *** NO ITALY *** ? Leo Rigah / StarlitePics



We really can’t talk about awkward Nickelodeon stars without mentioning Josh Peck ,who starred in the show, ”Drake & Josh.” In the show ,Josh played a really geeky character opposite the most attractive and sauve Drake Bell. Well, the joke is on us because as Josh got older, he trimmed down and really transformed into a teen heartthrob. He even starred opposite John Stamos in the show, “ Grandfathered” and is really unrecognizable.




Jennette Maccurdy is best known for starring as Sam in the show “ Icarly ”  as well as its spin-off, “ Sam & Cat.”  In both shows, Jennette played the character of Sam as someone who loves to eat, and acts anything but ladylike. But after both shows went off the air, Jennette started pursuing a country music career and we got to see a different side of her. As she has grown up, we have seen the softer and sexier  side of Jennette that is total juxtaposition to the role she played on television.




Remember “Neds Decassified School Survival Guide” ? Turns out that Austin was in all the three seasons of the show, technically credited playing the role of Lionel Scranton. The role he played on the show made him look exceptionally awkward, if not just a bit creepy. Austin went on the smaller roles on other shows until he got his big break in “The Carrie Diaries” where his persona and appearance changed from awkward to good-looking guy. Then he landed major role in MTV’s “ The Shannara Chronicles” and women are swooning all over him.




When the world first met her, she was playing the title role in Nickelodeon show, “The Secret World Of Alex Mack”, where she played a kid who had a run-in with toxic waste and ended up with super powers. While she wasn’t meant to look like she was popular and glamorous in the show, today she has certainly become insanely Hot. With a bit of makeup and hairstyling, Larisa certainly cleans up pretty well.




Daniel Curtis Lee played the incredible nerd Simon on “Neds Decassified School Survival Guide.” He had the braces, the glasses, and the geeky persona nailed down but if you look at him today , you would not even recognize  him. Daniel has grown up into an incredibly sexy man who is insanely  hot leaving his geeky past in the shadows. He has seem to have mastered that smoldering sexy look… Is it getting hot in here?




Michelle Trachtenberg has pretty much grown up before over our eyes. Before she was dawn summers on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” , she was playing Elsie Soaperstein in an episode of “Clarissa Explains It All” and then Nona Mecklenberg in “The Adventures Of Pete & Pete” , then Michelle got her big movie debut thanks to Nickelodeon playing the title role in “Harriet The Spy” , while she was certainly cute, she looked awkward. But fast forward to 2004 when she was in the movie “Eurotrip” and surprised the world when she showed off her sexy side. Since, then we now admire Michelle as an insanely hot hollywood actress.




Emma Roberts played the lead role in the Nickelodeon show, “Unfabulous” where she was a middle school student trying to fit in, but always ended up in awkward and embarrassing situations. The whole point of her character was to be awkward, which is why maybe the world didn’t see Emma Roberts as hot or sexy. However, as she grew up, she started to show off just how insanely hot she can be. Given that she is no longer a kid, its okay to see her sexy. There is no doubt that her future roles will be showing off her amazing looks.




Melissa Joan Hart started her acting career as the title role in ‘Clarissa Explains It All”  and every young kid could relate to her awkward and quirky traits. The show was a hit on Nickelodeon and it opened doors for  Melissa to grow in her career , eventually moving on to play another title character in “Subrina The Teenage Witch”. Melissa has made a comeback in her acting career and she has aged beautifully. Today , she is becoming one of the sexiest actresses  in hollywood , and has come a long way from her awkward to younger self.



There is no doubt that Ariana Grande has made one of the most dramatic transformations from awkward kid to one of the sexiest pop stars on the planet. She first started out in the Nickelodeon show , “Victorious” ,playing the role of Cat, and then reprised her role in “Sam & Cat”. Where she played a cute and yet awkward girl who wasn’t too bright. After the shows ended , Ariana’s career did not , as she dove headfirst into the music industry with much success , and lots of sex appeal.




Here we have one of the biggest transformation from awkward to insanely hot. Katrina Johnson was first introduced to US in the Nickelodeon show , “All That.” She was funny ,quirky, and awkward, which made her hilarious. After the show , it seemed that Katrina stopped doing television and focused on endeavours. When she returned for the 10th anniversary specially for “All that” , she was nearly unrecognizable as she went from awkward funny girl to an amazingly sexy bombshell!



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