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10 Interesting Board Games To Play With Your Family


10 Interesting Board Games To Play With Your Family

Board games are always fun and it doubles up when you play with your family members. Imagine a night when you sit with your family, with popcorn and coke; satisfying your night cravings, light music played in the background and no one is judging you for anything. Well, sounds cool right? How about few suggestions on interesting board games you can play with your family members and pump up the atmosphere.


1. Snakes & Ladders

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Snakes & Ladders is one of those games that never gets old. Irrespective of the age, younger or elder, every family member can actively be a part of the game as it is the simplest of all board games. You just have to move on with the game and check who is going to climb the ladder and who is going to get victimized by the snake.


2. Chess

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Chess can be your choice if you want to put work into your brain’s grey cells and play an intelligent game. It not only improves your concentration levels but also helps keep your mind focused and alert.


3. Scrabble

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Scrabble is one more board game that would test your intelligence. To be precise, it tests your vocabulary and presence of mind. This is one interesting game that helps you spend quality time with your family members besides offering the fun factor.


4. Business


And here we are, dealing with some money minds, making decisions on investments and expenditures. The play cards and coins you earn in Business may not fetch you real things but they certainly showcase how professionally you deal with things.


5. Carrom

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Carrom is an ideal game for a group of four members. The real fun lies in following the rules of the games instead of ignoring them.  The fun doubles when everyone is after the Pink Queen to end the game for once and all. Family reunions are the best times as you can test your skills on the carom board.


6. Shopping List Game

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This game should be your first option if you want to play a serious game that would test your memory. Your chances of winning depend on how tactically you remember the things on the list. Well, you can always help your favorite family member by offering them hints 😛


7. Monopoly

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Why not put your trading skills into use and start constructing buildings and mansions? Though it might not happen so easily in real life, you are in no loss if you can try achieving them in the game of Monopoly. Again, you get the best experience if you go according to the rulebook.


8. Ludo

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Let’s get the dice rolling! Ludo can involve two-four players and is one of the best games that tests your strategic decision-making skills. One wrong decision can lead to a loss in the game. Additional hint – Keep track of the moves of other players(s) too.


9. UNO


A game with a deck of 108 cards in red, green, blue and yellow will make the night special to you and your family members. UNO is very popular among the kids, however people of all age groups will enjoy playing this game.


10. Chinese Checkers


Chinese Checkers has been into existence for several years, yet is one of the most popular board games played all over the world. You can play with 2-4 or 6 members. Again, you need to make calculated moves in order to win this game.


Having any other suggestions? Please let us know of your favorite board game in the comments below.

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