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10 Crazy facts you don’t know about Game Of Throne

10 Crazy facts you don’t know about Game Of Throne


10 Crazy facts you don’t know about Game Of Throne



So we all just found out that we’re going to have to wait till next summer of game of thrones which is seriously a huge bummer so to satisfy got addiction. we are here to bring 10 crazy facts which you did’t know about game of thrones.

  • The valyrian steel is based on Damascus steel the metal was originally made in India in the middle east but the exact technique used to make Damascus steel was lost in the 18th centuary and no one has figured out how to replicate the middle yet .The dragons were also made in india

  • Sansa stark adopted a dire wolf in real life the dogs name is Sunni and she said about it growing up I was wanting a dog my parents never allowed me to adopt the dog


  • The kalasi and arya was most popular baby name for girlsin 2014 this increase from 1020 first from the previous year
  • The show is credited with inventing the phrase sex position this basically means to reveal important points or information over the bad drop of sets



  • The game of throne is most likely if not the most expensive television show  in history according to Hbo each episode cost around 6 million dollars on an average some of episode like blackwater (season 2 ) that cost one hundred dollars  reason for this is  because they use lot of cgi and they have expensive sets as they shoot in different continents they have found in Croatia ; malta ; morocco ; usa and the uk spain was added into season 3 but they also shoot in iceland  (winterfell)



  • Christie plays the role of breanna  but in real life actress wendling herself  she actually doesn’t know about her real birthdate according to Wikipedia she is confused between  37 or 38 10-crazy-facts-you-dont-know-about-game-of-throne-5


  • Ramesay Bolton was a complete rival and enemy of the jon snow but when the show was being cast it was originally had for the role of jon snow


  • Peter dinklage in the show is pure vegetarian in real life the show runners have made false meet so he will eat that on the show khalisi eat the heart which was made out of a gummy like a bass


  • She almost never came to air because the pilot episode was so bad as the actors were all different    catelyn stark was’t played by michelle fairly  but was played by Jennifer hail and the role of denneris it was also played by merchants


  • Dothraci is now a official language which was made only for game of thrones HBO ended up hiring linguistic specialist David jay Peterson . The dothraki language has 3000 words


  • Jack Gleeson the guy played Joffrey  completely retired doctor is roll talking about his decision according to source he “said when you make a living from something it changes your relationship with it .it’s not like I hate it. Its jutst not what I want to do ” . He also acted as a child in batman begins




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