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10 Books That Aren’t Your Mainstream Fiction

10 Books That Aren't Your Mainstream Fiction


10 Books That Aren’t Your Mainstream Fiction

A work of “fiction” is created out of the authors imagination, not based on facts but rather on the creativity of the writer. Fiction has the power to intrigue us, to inspire us and to immerse us into the book. It takes us to places we’ve never been to, introduces us to characters we’ve never met and yet we relate to them. It provides us a storyline and a setting unheard of and keeps our minds on the move. As fiction lovers, there are some novels everyone has heard of- To kill mocking bird, Game of Thrones, The Great Gatsby, to name a few. But, what are the fiction books that have failed to pave their way into the generic fiction book list, but still do deserve more than just a glace.


1. The Virgin Queen’s Daughter, Book by Ella March Chase. (Historical Fiction)

10 Books That Aren't Your Mainstream FictionOften referred to as the virgin queen, the childless Elizabeth I was the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty. The reign of Elizabeth is as captivating now as it was centuries before and this novel reflects just the same. The scandals, the rumours, the treachery and the half told truths that surround a monarchy, in an era where a slightest whisper of accusation could cause the foundation to shiver, this book explores the possibility that the Tudor bloodline did not end with the Virgin Queen. While keeping in touch with the antique ways of court four centuries ago, vivid details of the life of aristocracy and pages that are filled with suspense, this book keeps your mind pondering long after you have finished reading it.



2. Crooked House, Book by Agatha Christie.  (Crime Fiction)

10 Books That Aren't Your Mainstream Fiction

crooked house

The setting is of after the world war, when men are excited to reunite with their families and meet their lovers, when women are joyous because their prayers have been answered. Such is the time, when Charles comes back home to Sophie, his fiancé. The expected delight is snatched away almost immediately, when the news of Sophie’s grandfather’s death is announced. The mystery spins up when it is found that he was murdered by a poison to which every family member has equal access, the murderer has to be someone from the immediate family. Doubts are casted upon the deceased man’s widow, an impeccable lady in her fifties, for she had both an opportunity and a motive. Is the suspicion justified or everyone wishes her to be the murderer because it would leave the immediate family out of controversy? You’d be left wondering and suspecting who the killer is till the very end, yet your suspicion will always be misdirected by Christie in this book. Overall, a compelling page turner which concludes itself in the last page and leaves the reader hanging till the second last.


3. Room on the roof, Book by Ruskin Bond. (Fiction)

The first literary venture by Ruskin Bond, it provides a benchmark for all his other work. Revolving around the life of Rusty, a six-year-old orphaned boy, living in Dehradun. He is half Indian and yet, kept away from the customs of India. He is discouraged from the Indian manners, never let close to a marketplace, and constantly forced to grasp the manners of Englishmen by his guardian John Harrison. The stern behaviour, the non-parental touch of John, the conduct forced upon him leaves Rusty unhappy with his life. Soon, Rusty runs away from his home and meets a group of Indian kids who provide him with new hope of life, a sudden confidence and a vision that allows him to finally look into the future without despair. In his hearts of heart, Rusty still knows that life isn’t going to be easy, but, it is going to be his own chosen path. From getting his first job at a mere age, falling in love with a girl and having the worst ending to his first love story to finding shelter on the room on the roof, this story is full of emotions and makes you see colour in the world from the eyes of a child who has always been treated unfairly by it.


4. A Bend in the Road, Book by Nicholas Sparks. (Romance Fiction)

10 Books That Aren't Your Mainstream FictionA story of love, of rebound, of revenge and of trust, this novel weaves together every emotion in the most impeccable manner. Death of Miles’s childhood sweetheart Missy in a hit and run accident, which has failed to be resolved despite several attempts, left Miles to raise their son Jonah singlehandedly. On the other hand, Sahara’s politically ambitious husband dumped her due to her inability to give birth. As the parallel lives of these young people coincide, an instant spark rises. Soon, they are laughing again and sharing shreds of their lives, soon they are connecting and slowly falling in love. However, there is a secret that Sahara holds, a shocking revelation which will force them to reconsider their relationship. Will they be able to make peace with their past, and carry on their life with each other? An easy narration and a plot that manages to numb your mind, this story will not fail to leave an impression in the hearts of the readers.


 5. The Host, Stephenie Meyer. (Science Fiction)

10 Books That Aren't Your Mainstream FictionFrom the author of Twilight, comes another lesser known work of science fiction- The Host. The Earth has been invaded by spices that take over the mind of humans while the body remains intact. Melanie Stryder, captured by these aliens, who call themselves souls, refuses to fade away. She constantly fights a battle with “Wanderer”, the invading soul who has been given her body. As Melanie fills the intruder’s visions with memories of Jared, a human who is still in hiding, Wanderer develops a yearning for a man she has never met. A love triangle, a fight against the odds, an intruding twist, search for a man that they both love and cooperation between a human and an invader, this book seeks to find the answer to the question, “Can love conquer all?”



6. Ancient Promises. (Fiction)

The story of Janu, the protagonist, traced through a joyful childhood, her first love, a sudden arranged marriage, a dreadful end to it… This story starts rather ordinarily but becomes extraordinary with each turn of page. While subtly focusing on moral issues in India, it leaves an everlasting impression with its relatable characters and places. Traced from Kerala in India to England, Janu goes on journey of painful self-discovery, she travels to find contentment, she wanders in search of her true love, she escapes from the past at the expense of everything she has. With a Cinderella kind of ending, she is finally swept off her feet by the man of her dreams. It is not just the plot which makes this novel unique, it is the play with words by the author, it is the description of each moment and emotion which gives this story an edge and makes it an absolute page turner!


7. The Snowman, R.L. Stine. (Horror Fiction)

Heather’s parents died and now she lives with her uncle and aunt, in a distinct village on the edge of the Arctic Circle which has a bizarre sorrowful chill around it. With nowhere to go, no places to spend time in the tiny village and with guardians that despise her, Heather lives an unhappy life. Soon, she meets an attractive boy of her age who moved to the village a little time back. He goes by the name of snowman and has snow white hair. Very soon, they both find company in each other and certainly hit it off. Heather’s uncle warns her that he is only after her money but she wavers off any such accusations. A week later, her uncle is dead, murdered by Snowman who instead of feeling guilty is proud of what he has done. Heather realises that she is seeing a dangerous sociopath, but it’s too late. He keeps demanding more money from Heather who has to pay him to keep him away from her. Soon, her own life is in threat. This mind numbing book will send chills down your back as the story moves forward at an alarmingly fast pace.



8. A Prisoner of Birth, A book by Jeffery Archer. (Crime Fiction)

10 Books That Aren't Your Mainstream FictionThis novel tells the story of Danny Cartwright, wrongfully accused for the murder of his best friend, Bernie and sentenced to 22 years of prison. While Beth is pregnant with Danny’s daughter and Danny is trying to get accustomed to life in prison, he encounters two prisoners, Albert Crann, and Sir Nicholas Moncrieff. A parallel runs between the life and personalities of both Danny and Sir Nicholas, and yet they are almost doppelgangers. A twist of events, an unjust death of Sir Nichloas and Dannny’s near to perfect pretence of being Sir Nicholas, gets him out of the prison. With an undying instinct of seeking revenge, and Beth’s relentless quest to pursue justice, the fight against the lies begins. The story is so closely knit that every scene is of utter importance. No character, no moment, no detail is unnecessary. Each turn of page will unveil a quizzing detail which will keep you hooked up long after the book is complete.


9. Confessions of a Pregnant Princess, Book by Swan Adamson (Fiction)

Starting off rough, comical and cheesy, this book is an easy read. For when a prince invites you to his palace, a place so vast where two people could be under the same roof and yet a mile away from each other, you can expect the story to be cliche and yet exciting. To the times you are looking for a book that is easy to read, you’ve found the perfect one. Depicting the lavish life of a charming prince, who is as workaholic as a businessman. A tinge of family drama, a suspicious sister and royal mother, this novel is very close to a daily soup.  Set up in Rome, where romance is always bubbling, get comfy in a blanket with a cup of coffee, because that is how this book is meant to be read!




10. The Cottage, Book by Danielle Steel (Fiction)

A compelling story of second chances and never giving up on life, this book teaches you to be truthful with yourself and things will work out in the end. Mark and Jimmy have their own troubles in their private lives, meanwhile a famous charming Hollywood actor- Coop Wilson-  is suffering from financia

l issues that he’s not ready to accept and face. The charm of the novel lies in the “cottage”, the spacious, elegant property, sitting on fourteen acres of lush Bel Air, belonging to the alluring star. It is here where all the characters of the story meet and here where it all begins. The three people with distinct lives start to come closer, soon the ice breaks and they become friends. Against a glittering backdrop of celebrity and glamour, Danielle Steel digs deeper to tell a story of friendship and love, tragedy and second chances, of the choices and unexpected turns of fate that can shape characters and lives. A perfect blend of glamour and tragedy, with an ending that leaves the reader satisfied, this book is a charm in itself!


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